Why Aseptix Concepts

In today’s consumer markets, products with antimicrobial or disease preventive claims become increasingly consumer relevant and this category is one of the highest growth categories in personal care and household general.

It becomes more and more difficult for FMCG and OTC Drug companies to competitively distinguish themselves with ‘standard claims’ that are often less relevant to the end customer. Both the concern and the awareness of consumers about pathogens and infections are growing. However, these types of claims are strongly regulated and the number of active ingredients available and acceptable for these applications decreases rapidly, most notably in the last 5 years, both because of consumer pressure as well as regulatory pressure and environmental considerations.

With drug and biocide regulation becoming more stringent and many active substances being banned or heavily restricted, the development of new and effective antimicrobial products becomes more challenging. This influences the number of solution pathways to get to well validated and strong antimicrobial claims, especially claims that are well supported by scientific evidence which regulators demand.

Aseptix offers its client a fast market access with proven technology and a well-validated set of product claims. The scientific evidence supporting these product claims is both strong and independently generated. The products are patent protected and enable lasting unique and consumer relevant product claims.

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