Feet Hygiene

The Aseptix rapid-action antimicrobial technology platform provides the Aseptix Advanced Foot Treatment products with unique antimicrobial action. When applied, the active ingredients in the products ensure an instant and lasting relief of foot hygiene related discomforts caused by micro-organisms before evaporating or degrading into water and oxygen, leaving no active residue on the skin.

In comparison to cosmetic foot hygiene products currently available on the market, which generally do not have proven efficacy on the micro-organisms responsible for foot discomforts, the Aseptix products have been proven in European standardized and controlled laboratory and user test. The evidence proving the product claims is substantial and enables attractive, highly competitive, user relevant and strong product claims.

Aseptix Mode of Action
Most foot hygiene products bear cosmetic claims, or contain antibacterial ingredients such as Triclosan. Not only is this ingredient under scrutiny because of unfavorable user safety and environmental side-effects, but when used in sub-inhibitory concentrations (which is often the case in these products), it actually worsens the condition and causes increased antimicrobial resistance. Quaternary ammonium compounds and biguanides often found in these products have the same resistance increasing effect, and are proven skin irritating.

The patented Aseptix line of advanced foot hygiene products oxidizes problem causing micro-organisms using nature-based ingredients and without harming the sensitive skin. They actively help prevent foot skin disorders such as tinea pedis (Athlete’s foot) and tinea unquium (fungal nail infection) which enables unique product claims. 

3 Product Lines, differing in Regulatory Framework
The Aseptix line includes three different propositions; each aimed at a different application and governed under a separate regulatory system: 

  • Cosmetic (with cosmetic claims and based on the EU Cosmetics Directive)
  • Biocide (with biocidal, antimicrobial / disinfecting claims and based on the EU Biocidal Products Regulation)
  • Medical Device (CE-marked product with disease preventative and symptom alleviating effect, regulated by the EU Medical Device Directive)

Medical Device (CE-marked) Product Line
The Medical Device Product Line consists of Foot Spray, Foot Gel and Foot Foam (leave-on). All products contain advanced skin moisturizers and skin conditioners, leaving the skin supple, soft and well-moisturized.

Proven effective against Trichophyton Rubrum. Helps preventing:

  • Tinea pedis: Athlete’s foot and
  • Tinea unquium: fungal infection of the nail

Provides instant security and effective relief of

  • discomforts, acting on micro-organisms that cause foot odor, irritation, rash, itching, dry & peeling skin

Efficacy based on the unique and safe Aseptix Technology platforms

  • Efficacy proven using European Norms
  • (EN 1276, EN 1650)

Active Oxygen Technology using only a very low percentage of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), harnessing the best natural protection against micro-organisms. Hydrogen peroxide is naturally produced by the human body in the anti-body process in case of infections and inflammation.

  • 0% Triclosan
  • 0% Chlorhexidine
  • 0% Quats
  • 0% Biguanide
  • Degrades into water and oxygen after use
  • Leaves no active residue, protecting the resident flora on skin.

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