Product Concepts

Ready to market concepts based on patent-protected platforms

We have several technologies available upon which we can effectively design and develop high quality, next generation products for various applications. 

You own a brand that requires innovation, product line expansion, improved margins, or products with more relevant claims?

You would like to grow your brand, or add new brands to your existing distribution? 

You want to create a new category to increase revenues in your customer base?

For these situations Aseptix has developed several ready-to-market product concepts with proven, highly consumer-relevant claims, supported by evidence and registered/authorized under various regulatory systems. 

These concepts enable you to immediately market new and highly innovative, often patent-protected products without any upfront investments. A very low risk pathway to market. 

We offer products in several categories, but are welcoming any suggestions for new categories that are relevant for Aseptix platform technologies.

Besides several personal care categories, we also have several product types available for household applications. Please contact us in case you are interested to learn more about any of our current categories, or any ideas you may have.

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