Building Value by Co-Creation
We at Aseptix have made it our mission to create worry free protection against microbes for people today and generations to come. To achieve this we open up our unique competence in antimicrobial technology to create solutions that are safe and protect people’s health and improve people’s well-being without any environmental burden today or the days to come.
The Aseptix brand is a valuable Trustmark for customers: the products it features are guaranteed to deliver on our mission. 

Value = Consumer Insights + Innovation
Aseptix has a deep understanding and excellent know how resulting in proprietary technology in the fight against microbes. You have the consumer insights, we have the technology that can deliver on consumer preferences. By teaming up, we can offer the consumer the right products that live up to the promise of offering improved health and well being by protecting people today and the days to come against the negative aspects of microbes. We can do this with products featuring strong, consumer relevant marketing claims that are well-supported and thoroughly backed-up scientifically.

Risk Free Business Model
In our licensing business we use our technology platform to design and develop products according your specifications. Consumer insights drive the required claims and specifications and we will design a product fulfilling the requirements and specifications, without any risk for you.

Increased Purchase Interest
We have developed and patented proprietary technologies that optimally combine performance, safety and sustainability. Not using Chlorine, Triclosan, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Phenols or any other harmful ingredient and still offering the highest efficacy, proven in several studies by well known testing facilities. Consumer research from our customers clearly shows increased purchase intent with Aseptix-enabled strong antimicrobial and disinfection claims, as well as a high interest for “low tox”, safer and “low chemicals” products.

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