Our Ambition

Changing the world together with our customers
Our ambition is to make a positive change in the world. By being innovative and ambitious, and constantly reaching out to the world, our solutions will be widespread and impact our customers, their customers, their industries and the world in which we live. 

Deliver radical innovations
Our customers choose us because we offer them radically new solutions based on our understanding of our customers’ needs and desires and their industries. At the same time we understand the big picture, identify new trends and stay ahead of the curve. We win by superior product performance, both in efficacy and safety as well as in ‘simplicity’ of use. Simple products drive compliance, simple products are fun to use. Make complex and regulated products simple, safe and effective is our strength.

Drive our industry to safety and sustainability
Aseptix is on a continuous quest to improve safety and sustainability. Safety by eradicating resistant and pathogenic organisms, avoiding infections to spread, but also safety in use for patients, users and consumers. We are committed to provide an alternative to unsafe and burdening chemicals that are the standard in our industry. We focus on sustainable solutions and sustainable delivery mechanisms to improve quality of living for generations to come.

We move the bar and set a new standard in safer infection control.

“Ubiquify” our Technologies
We believe that active ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide are the standard for future, better and safer infection control. We own the category of “the safer alternative” in disinfection, and are considered leaders in novel and safer active ingredients. We must make our technologies ubiquitous to make a true difference and change our industry. We grow into a recognized global industry leader across various categories of infection prevention and infection control.

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