Aseptix Health Sciences NV was founded in 2005 with a corporate mission to become the global alternative for user unsafe and environmentally burdening antimicrobials and to build this into numerous applications.

Today, we are a rapidly growing company with an extensive portfolio of over 58 patents for technologies intended to prevent infectious diseases and the spread of pathogens. We provide the world's fastest acting disinfectants with the broadest spectrum of kill optimized for use in key applications.

The beginning years of the development have been solely focused on research and development, together with academia and institutes. Aseptix invented several technologies, among others we are the inventors of Plasma Enhanced Hydrogen Peroxide® and Hi-Speed Hydrogen Peroxide®. 

With Plasma Enhanced Hydrogen Peroxide®, a solution of hydrogen peroxide is subjected to a proprietary cold glow discharge plasma process, producing a highly active hydrogen peroxide solution. Aseptix patented both the processes, as well as the products formed by subjecting hydrogen peroxide to a gas plasma process.

Enhanced or Hi-Speed Hydrogen Peroxide® is an invention whereby standard hydrogen peroxide is synergistically combined with very specific compounds that have no or very little antimicrobial effect in itself. When combined with hydrogen peroxide a remarkable synergy is observed, which results in a much faster antimicrobial effect and a highly stable product. Aseptix patented a range of these combinations, for use in surface disinfection, skin antimicrobials, skin and hands disinfection, mucous membrane disinfection, etc.

Furthermore, Aseptix holds patents in a novel Hydrogen Peroxide Vaporization (HPV) technology by way of fumigating a patented liquid through an automated fumigation system to rapidly and efficiently disinfect air and spaces. This patented system is named AerOx®.

After years of core research and development, Aseptix signed its first license agreement with SSL (now Reckitt Benckiser) in 2008 for use of its technologies in Scholl foot care products. In the same year, Aseptix signed an agreement with Beiersdorff for use in Hand Wipes, and with Rentokil Initial for several disinfection products.

In 2009, Aseptix launched its own line of professional disinfectants in the European hospital market, starting with France and Germany. We also signed an agreement with Georgia Pacific for development and supply of innovative disinfecting hand soaps and hand sanitizers.

In 2010, Aseptix also launched in the pharmaceutical cleanroom market in Europe. 

Today, the Aseptix brand products have become a new standard in healthcare and pharmaceutical cleanrooms in various European countries and India. Many well-known pharmaceutical companies, as well as many (academic) hospitals and long term care facilities have switched over to the Aseptix products.

In 2011, Aseptix signs on OEM agreements with Oriola of Finland, Aurium of Canada, and Bouty of Italy for its feet deodorization line. It furthermore expands the Aseptix own brand distribution into India and the Nordic area.

In 2012, Aseptix announced a large license agreement with The Clorox Company and the launch of the Aseptix-based products on the American healthcare market. First large clients are signed on in Norway, Sweden and India. 

In 2013, Aseptix wins 5 large pharmaceutical companies as client, adds a total of 12 hospitals, of which 4 academic hospitals in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and France, often winning from large, incumbent infection prevention specialist suppliers, and the total client number across Europe exceeds 200. Aseptix signs a large license / co-branding agreement with the UK leader in disinfecting wipes for UK, Middle East and Australia.

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